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If there is ever a game about life they didn't remind me about crippling student loan debt?  It would be The Sims 1. Launch in February of 2000 and sold over two million copies worldwide in just two years. Today, it sold over six million. Fast-forward fourteen years later, here we are sitting in the lovely park with The Sims 4 and doing this review.


To be honest, I'm just glad that putting faces from the Sims 3 is gone. To start out, the game looks great the new interface is beautiful and minimalistic. The environment is gorgeous and your Sims can actually look different from one another. We've all seen the Create a Sim demo and once you get used to it it's very powerful. And while create a style is gone and you can’t pick your own colors they packed the game with more content than I've ever seen any Sims based game all around. I really like the new create a Sim feature. I just need to learn how to use it better.


I am quite disappointed with what how many of my favorite features were shot in their kneecaps by EA and tossed into the alien crash site and strange town. I mean look at all these features and mechanics they changed and got rid of since the last game. Seriously, remember the joy of raising a child from infancy to adulthood. The open world is gone. In the Sims 1, I know it's not a big deal to some but I enjoyed my neighborhoods and now we only have 21 available lots to plan, furthermore, only three of them are empty to start.


Honestly, I think the pros outweigh the cons with the Sims 4 release. I mean look at the build mode that the game is offering. Everything seems very easy if you have to compare with the previous titles. I'll let me just drag things over. I'm changing fences without having to do much. You can even change the wall.  When's the last time you been able to move windows up and down your walls?


There so much about this game that really had me the first time I play it. Your sims are infinitely smarter; they can walk and talk in multitask - pretty much anything you can think of. Not only that but this time around they feel more like people instead of game characters resembling people. I mean this game is so much jam-packed into it new mechanics, new this new that. There are so many things about the game. The only real way to realize it is to experience it all for yourself.



However some aspects, I repeat only some aspects, feel like part of EA's famous marketing strategy. You know I'm talking about. I know some people might disagree because they loved it or maybe you hated it because of all those money being spent on the game. But let's face it, this game is be better than the Sims 3.


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